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Hannover Messe 2021

Hannover Messe 2021   The World's largest Industrial Technology Exhibition "Hannover Messe 2021" will be completed tomorrow, April 16, 2021. There is still time for you to visit the exhibition, there will be a lot of information that you get related to the development of industrial technology in the world. Various sectors of industrial from various countries are in the exhibition. Indeed this exhibition is different from Hannover Messe in previous years, because this year Hannover Messe held full Digital. this is certainly a strategy to anticipate the spread of the Covid-19. But you don't have to worry, because even if it's refreshed digitally you can still get all the information you need. because there are features available to share contacts, livestreaming and even meetings within the Platform. This year Indonesia was selected as a Country Partner and represented by at least 156 Companies from Indonesia. one of them is PT Sydeco who concentrate fully on Cyber S


  IS ZERO RISK ACHIEVABLE?     The forecasts in the field of cyber security are all more pessimistic than the others. Those made for the year 2020 were already not sad and unfortunately the actuality only confirmed them: It is said that computer attacks have exploded in 2020. We talk about exponential curve and inventiveness of the attackers (Guillaume Poupard, general director of ANSSI - National Agency for Information Systems Security) and this statement is valid for the whole world.   1.   The following list, which only shows a few of the most resounding attacks month by month, only confirms this observation:   -           January 2020 : Travelex, Manor Independent Scool District, WAWA, Microsoft… -           February 2020 : Estee Lauder, Danish Tax Portal, DOD DISA (White House), General Electric, UK Financial Conduct Authority… -           March 2020 : T-Mobile, Mariott, Whisper, UK Home Office, Virgin Media, MCA Wizard… -           April 2020 : US Small